Milk, cream and butter

Candia: the milk of its producers

The iconic brand Candia was created in 1971 through our farmers’ willingness to “raise the profile” of milk. It was, at the time, the first national brand of drinking milk and rapidly became France’s market leader. Our cooperative values are at the heart of our Candia brand.

A milk which meets the expectations of all consumers

The wide range of milk we offer meets all consumers’ expectations: Marguerite (fresh milk), Les Laitiers Responsables (our committed brand), Grand lait, Candy’up, Silhouette, Viva, Candia goat milk, Lait de ma région and Candia baby.

Innovations which left their mark on history

Since 1971, Candia has been leaving its mark on the history of drinking milk through a range of innovations: UHT bottles, colour coding (blue, green and red) which is used today throughout the milk sector, cartons with lids, flavoured milk, vitamin-enriched milk, growing-up milk etc. Candia is still a firm innovator with the launch, in 2019, of the first entirely eco-designed milk carton.

Exceptional butters and creams

Our butters and creams are appreciated for their tastes and cooking properties. They particularly appeal to chefs, pastry chefs and caterers who are able to enjoy our expertise internationally through the Candia for professionals brand.  Since 2019, consumers have also been enjoying the quality of our “Les Laitiers Responsables” butter. 

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