Our commitment for the best of our dairy regions.

The 4 pillars of our sustainable development

To be the most dynamic player of the French dairy regions

To be the most dynamic player of the French dairy regions

We collect the milk of all our member producers wherever they are situated in France and no matter the size of their farm. 30% of our members are situated in mountain regions and the average number of cows per farm is 67. As a result, we play an essential role in the economic vitality of the territories where we have indirectly created 60,000 jobs and where we strive to maintain a model of family farming on a human scale

Commitment 1: To encourage young farmers to set up business
Commitment 2: To guarantee a sustainable collection from our member producers throughout the territories
Commitment 3: To share the value created equitably between all our member producers.

To commit to a sustainable food industry

To commit to a sustainable food industry

We continually improve our practices and product ranges to closely meet our consumers’ requirements (nutritional quality or respect for people, animals and the environment). We supported 800 of our producers to convert to organic farming and almost 400 of our farmers attended the “signes de vaches” training on animal welfare.

Commitment 4: To guarantee the provenance of our products and to produce milk using the best animal husbandry practices
Commitment 5: To continually improve the nutritional quality and naturalness of our products
Commitment 6: To set up responsible procurement networks

To actively contribute to the protection of our planet

To actively contribute to the protection of our planet

We put measures in place to reduce our environmental footprint from our farms to the products coming out of our production sites. 900 farmers have already taken the low carbon “Self CO2” self-assessment test and we are putting in place individual and collective action plans aimed at reducing carbon emission. We innovate too by developing eco-design. Firstly, we used a film made from more than 98% of recycled materials for “Les Laitiers Responsables” range. Secondly, we developed the first eco-designed organic milk carton which is aluminium-free and contains minimum packaging.

Commitment 7: To reduce our carbon footprint and to support our farmers in adopting similar practices
Commitment 8: To reduce the water footprint of our products
Commitment 9: To make our packaging more responsible


young farmers setting up business in 2017 and 2018


of our producers carried out a self-assessment on their carbon emission


of our employees attend training every year

Our CSR report

Committed to the best of our dairy regions


We are committed to providing our consumers with the best our dairy regions have to offer. This means providing them daily with healthy and tasty milk, cheese, yoghurt and ingredients which are full of the goodness of our French dairy farming. It also involves allowing our producers to earn a decent living from their labour whilst showing respect to animals, the environment and people.

To preserve our land, we promote a family-orientated but modern dairy farming model throughout the country and strongly support young farmers to set up business. Finally, we adapt our production methods so that they are ever increasingly responsible.

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