An alternative model which leaves nobody on the wayside

A company which belongs to its producers, it changes everything!

Our shareholders, you meet them everyday in the French countryside. The 17,000 Sodiaal farmers are much more than milk producers as they are also the owners of the cooperative, of its brands and of its transformation tools. All of them hold a share of the cooperative social capital which makes them its sole decision-makers.

All our Directors are farmers

Sodiaal is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 25 farmers elected by their peers. A third of the Board of Directors is elected during the General Meeting every year.

Objet dynamique vectoriel1 Interview with oliver gaffet, elected member of the board of directors

Sodiaal supports all its producers

The price of milk is the same for everybody (apart from special specifications). The profits made by the cooperative are re-distributed to all members according to clearly defined rules. This equitable sharing of the value earned enables dairy production to take place in all Sodiaal’s milk-producing regions including those where it is more expensive to collect milk.

To promote generational renewal

Our “Sociaal Box” programme supports young farmers in setting up business throughout the country. The assistance available to young farmers is twofold: they are assigned a milk volume and can access financial help of up to 10,000 euros which can be used towards training or to invest in sustainable farming.

Objet dynamique vectoriel1 Interview with Vincent, a young farmer

Democratic governance: one person = one vote

Each of our 17,000 member producers can elect representatives in the various regional and national governing bodies. Each of them is invested with the same power, can run for office and hold responsibilities within the cooperative no matter how many cows they have or where they live.

Our Governance

Our Board of Directors

25 milk producers elected by their peers

Our directors are not always wearing ties! Elected at the Annual General Meeting, the 25 members of our Board of Directors are milk producers. They are responsible for piloting the Cooperative’s strategy in the interest of all its members by concentrating on a long-term goals rather than short-term profits. They choose the Chief Executive.

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Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is answerable to producers

Headed since 2017 by Jorge Boucas, the Excecutive Committee implements the strategy devised by the Board of Directors and manages the employees' structure for the whole group.

Objet dynamique vectoriel1 OUR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

producers located all over the country


young farmers setting up business in 2017 and 2018


of profits shared between members every year