We protect our regions, our traditions and our family farming model

The diversity of our dairy regions is a heritage that we must preserve. This diversity is reflected in the diversity of our dairy farms and the richness of its French culinary heritage. That is why, at Sodiaal, we think of ourselves as a unique French dairy.

“I was given this farm from my father who inherited it from his. I have a duty to protect it and to transmit it to future generations”

Vincent Codron, farmer in the Pas-de-Calais region

We collect milk all over France

By collecting milk in 73 departments all over the country - including in the more difficult-to-reach regions - we contribute to the preservation of a dairy network throughout France. Sodiaal has a particularly strong presence in mountain regions and in areas where there are fewer dairy farms such as the South-West and Massif Central regions.

Traditional family farming

Most of our farms are run by farmers who are passionate and attached to a land which has been passed down to them through several generations. These farms shape our rural landscape and are home to a rich bio-diversity (birds, worms, bats, bumblebees, grass hoppers, crickets as well as grasses, leguminous plants and herbs). They are all committed to the development of long-term sustainability: “La Route du Lait”

The diversity of our farms reflects the diversity of our regions

Our farms, small and large, are situated in lowlands as well as in mountains. They produce a variety of fodder crops, milk from 15 different breeds of cows (prim' holstein, montbéliarde, pie noire, vosgiennes, tarentaise etc.), goat milk, sheep milk etc. These diverse farms and farming practices constitue a heritage worth preserving.

Our productions sites provide regional jobs

Our dairies, our butter and cheese-making facilities are situated all over France at the heart of our collection basin. They contribute to the appeal of the rural regions by providing stable local jobs: Sodiaal employs 9,000 people out of which 8,600 are located in rural areas and generates 60,000 indirect jobs.


collection departments


different milk (organic, mountain, AOP etc.)

30 %

of producers based in mountain areas


AOP/IGP cheeses