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Ecoutez-nous !

Dans ma coop! est le podcast de notre coopérative Sodiaal qui part à la rencontre des productrices et producteurs de lait, des collaborateurs et collaboratrices partout en France.
Grâce à leurs témoignages, vous plongerez dans les coulisses de leur quotidien, et découvrirez l’enthousiasme et la personnalité des hommes et des femmes de notre coop !


A company that belongs to its producers, that changes everything!
Our shareholders, you meet them every day in the countryside of France. These are the 17,669 breeders of Sodiaal. Much more than milk producers, they are also the owners of the cooperative, its brands and its processing tools. They all hold a share of the capital of the cooperative (known as share capital) and are the only decision-makers.

A historic presence
A cooperative model based on the principle of solidarity for more than 50 years. « Pooling for the common good »

Our Jobs
Our employees innovate, transform the milk of our producers, market and develop our brands and our products.

Our engagements

Sodiaal’s farmers are committed to protect and develop the french dairy market. To do so, they aim to improve their performance in the economic, environment and social fields.