Dairy ingredients

Euroserum and Bonilait have been promoting milk-related ingredients for almost 50 years.

International expert in dairy ingredients

Eurosérum has been a world-renown expert in dairy ingredients since 1973 and supplies products to the food industry in more than 80 countries. 2/3 of its products are sold internationally.

A culture of quality and safety

Our strong culture of quality, excellence and food safety enables us to meet the requirements of European and worldwide markets, especially when it comes to infant milk products.

A wide range of milk ingredients

We produce a complete range of milk powders and ingredients: whole or skimmed milk powder, mild lactoserum, lactoserum with a high thermal stability, de-mineralised, lactoserum permeate, milk powder and functional ingredients for ice cream making.

Number one for de-mineralised lactoserum

Eurosérum has developed a specific expertise in the de-mineralisation of lactoserum and is currently the world leader in demineralised lactoserum used in infant milk.

Bonilait: leader in fat-filled milk ingredients

Bonilait is the French and European market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of fat-filled milk powder ingredients aimed at the food industry in the form of fat-filled milk ingredients, fat-filled milk proteins and food mixtures.

World N°1

for de-mineralised lactoserum


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