Quality milk and sustainable practices

We collect, throughout the country, the milk of nearly 17,000 farmers who are committed to developing the agricultural sector of tomorrow.

Supporting our producers

Seventy dairy consultants support our farmers daily to continuously develop their working practices: La Route du Lait. They also advise them on farm management and take part in local cooperative activities (producers’ meetings, technical open-door events on the farm, training etc.). In certain regions, they also help with the procurement of agricultural machinery and supplies.

Collecting milk all over the territories

Milk is a product which is “alive” and fragile. Every day, whatever the weather, our milk tankers travel through the rural territories of France to collect and transport milk to our processing sites. Our milk truck drivers have been trained to drive responsibly and dedicated teams work tirelessly to optimise transport to reduce its environmental impact. Our refrigeration technicians guarantee that the cold chain is maintained by carrying out the installation and maintenance of the milk tanks on the farms.

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To guarantee agricultural practices which are increasingly sustainable

All our producers are committed to the “Route du Lait”. This initiative guarantees the quality and the traceability of milk and commits producers to continuously improve the sustainability of their practices (reduction of carbon emission thanks to the “Self CO2” programme, improved welfare and health for the animals, production of renewable energy etc.). Commitments made through the above framework are each year awarded AFNOR V01 007. Today, 70% of the milk we produce meets quality standards which exceed mandatory regulations.

43 different types of milk produced in our regions

Our 17,000 farmers, who are also members and owners of our cooperative, produce 43 different types of milk whether it be cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, organic or conventional milk, AOP/IGP milk, mountain milk or non genetically-modified milk. Our wide range of products reflects our regional diversity but also enables us to meet the requirements of our most-demanding consumers and customers.


Collection departments


Billion litres of milk collected every year


Of our milk is produced according to quality standards which exceeds mandatory regulations


Of our producers self-assessed their carbon emission