Extra-fresh and frozen

Our know-how ranges from extra-fresh dairy products such as Yoplait to frozen products like Boncolac.


Yoplait: when farmers create a worldwide brand

Innovation was at the forefront from the onset, with Sodima, the cooperative union which later became Sodiaal, creating Yoplait in 1965. The brand “with the little flower” was then France’s number one brand of fresh dairy products. It rapidly became a worldwide brand thanks to a system of franchise started in 1969. Yoplait has always been an innovator, inventing the fruit yoghurt in 1967 and launching the first drinkable yoghurt Yop in 1974. Yoplait has developed brands and products which are firmly at the heart of daily family life: Petits filous, Panier de Yoplait, Câlin, Perle de lait etc.

Yoplait: a pleasure for all, however big or small

Present in 53 countries, this iconic trademark is the world number two for fresh dairy products and number one for fruit yoghurt. Yoplait is a joint venture with General Mills.

Boncolac: pastry caterers since 1955

Inspired by the values of traditional gastronomy, Boncolac is the must-go provider of frozen food for a range of professionals whether it be restaurant owners, outside caterers, bakers-cake shop owners or large retailers. Boncolac offers a wide range of sweet (tarts, cakes, flans and individual pastries etc.) and savoury products (hot and cold canapés, surprise breads, cooking mixtures, sandwich loaves etc.).


Boncolac production sites


Boncolac employees

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