Les Laitiers Responsables

“Les Laitiers Responsables” is the brand of committed Sodiaal farmers. It is also the first quality-assurance initiative which simultaneously meet four strong consumers’ expectations: a better remuneration for farmers, a grass-fed milk, non-genetically modified animal feed (<0.9%) and good animal welfare.

Commitment 4

To guarantee the provenance of our products and to pledge that our milk is produced using the best animal husbandry practices.

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The brand of committed farmers

Launched in 2018 on the Candia milk “Les Laitiers Responsables “ is the committed brand of Sodiaal farmers. The brand became transferable in 2019 and was extended to all the cooperative’s products (milk, cream, butter and cheese).

4 consumer guarantees

Farmers created “Les Laitiers Responsables” to meet consumers’ requirements. They committed to meet 4 key standards. Firstly, a better remuneration for themselves. For each litre of “Les Laitiers Responsables” milk sold, 40 cents is shared between our 20,000 cooperative farmers. In addition to that, they committed to enable cows to access fresh pastures (on average 150 days/year), to be fed non-OGM food (<0.9%)* and to enjoy a high level of welfare thanks to farmers attending “signe de vache” training.

*Accidental and non-avoidable contamination in line with current legislation.

A new benchmark for consumers

Its visual identity has voluntarily been kept innovative and its packaging “committed”. Products are easily recognisable and the brand easy to spot on the shelves.