Sodiaal: a unique French dairy

Our brands such as Candia, Entremont, Régilait and Yoplait are known all over the world. Do you know that they belong to the 17,000 producers who own the leading French dairy cooperative?

To choose our cooperative and its brands

Is to help promote, throughout France, a model of family farming

which respects people, the planet and its animals

for the best of our dairy regions.


An alternative model which leaves nobody on the wayside

Our shareholders, you meet them everyday in the French countryside. They are the 17,000 Sodiaal farmers. They are not just milk producers, they are the owners of the cooperative, of its brands* and of its transformation tools.

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We protect our regions, our traditions and our family farming model

The plurality of our family-size farms reflects the diversity of the dairy regions within which they are situated. They produce 43 types of milk, from 15 breeds of cows as well as from goats and sheep. We collect milk in 73 regions including in difficult-to-reach areas. We own 70 manufacturing sites (dairies, butter and cheese factories) spread all over France.

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50 years of history

In fifty years, we have built the first French dairy cooperative to preserve what makes France an exceptional dairy country; its richness and the diversity of its family farming, its regions, its know-hows so that we can offer consumers the best of the French dairy regions.

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Our Governance

Our Board of Directors

25 milk producers elected by their peers

Our directors are not always wearing suits and ties! Elected at the Annual General Meeting, the 25 members of our Board of Directors are milk producers. They are responsible for piloting the Cooperative’s strategy in the interest of all its members by concentrating on a long-term goals rather than short-term profits. They choose the Chief Executive

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Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is answerable to producers

It is responsible for the implementation of the strategy devised by the Board of Directors. Jorge Boucas has been holding this function since 1st February 2017. He manages the whole employees’ structure for the group through the Executive Committee.

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producers located all over the country


billion litres of milk collected


dairies and production sites


2/3 of profits redistributed to farmers