Do you want a career tailored to your exact specifications?

Come and join us!

“Sodiaal is a cooperative of 20,000 farmers and 9,100 employees committed to the best dairy regions and resolutely turned towards the future.

Our challenge is to evolve so that we can, together, meet our customers’ ever-changing demands whilst promoting an agricultural model based on family ownership and durability.

At Sodiaal, we encourage each employee to adopt a responsible attitude and we provide them with the means to meet our collective challenge.  We offer a tailor-made career path for all our roles and on all our sites.”

Philippe Hervieux, Human Resources Director

Teamwork is in our soul

We are committed to ensuring that each of us upholds our cooperating values of solidarity, respect, equity, transparency and responsibility. The same values which drove our founding members to set up the cooperative. They have enabled us to build the first French dairy cooperative which provides its consumers with the best of our dairy regions whilst enabling its producers to ear a decent living from their labour whilst respecting their animals and the environment.

Our 5 attitudes for collective success

To give direction and to enthuse
To people accountable
To speak out and to listen
To have high expectations
To be open

Professional development for all

The training and development of all our associates is a reality in our company! Every year, 3/4 of our associates attend training whether it be in our in-house training schools, on e-learning platforms or through specific tailor-made development programmes.

Opposite: presentation of a Certificate of Professional Qualification (CQP) “Machinery Operator working in the transformation of dairy products - Option processing” - 2018.

We are a disabled-friendly company

We believe that disabilities should never affect your career path. We promote diversity and actively fight against discrimination on the grounds of disability. This commitment is illustrated, among others, by the fact that, in 2018, 6.73% of our employees had a disability (exceeding our legal obligations) as well as by the training of 40 Disability Champions whose job is to raise awareness amongst partners..