Specialised nutrition

Nutribio develops specialised nutritional solutions in the form of powders and bars whatever the age or life stage of its consumers (infant milk as well as specific nutritional products for adults).


Infant milk for the early life stage

We create nutritional solutions to support the growth of babies and toddlers (organic milk, standard, goat milk or other specialised milk formulas).

Specialized nutrition for adults

Our active nutrition range provides tailor-made nutritional solutions which meet the specific needs of adults whether seniors, diabetics and sportsmen or sportswomen. Our products are available in the form of bars, powders, milkshakes and drinks.

The nutritional bar specialist

Nutritional bar specialist Nutribio is constantly innovating to offer nutritional and tasty “on the go” products.

European expert in organic infant milk

We guarantee a fully integrated organic chain”, from the farms of our producers to our end consumers. Our robust quality control systems enable us to meet strict specifications. We also developed and patented True Green; a unique and innovative technology which preserves the nutritional values of the milk protein contained in our organic infant milk.

Combining local and international expertise

Nutribio sells 85% of its products internationally. Thanks to brands such as Nactalia and Sunny Baby, babies and infants from Asia and the Middle-East benefit from the quality of our “Made in France” products and our exceptional dairy expertise.

40 000

tons of infant milk
and nutritional products


production sites in France



85 %

of products sold internationally

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